Owner Representation in Selling Your Business

Seller Representation by Certified Business Intermediaries

The business intermediaries at the Nery Corporation regularly represent clients who wish to pursue a sale or merger of their company. Our certified business intermediaries will:

  • direct the entire process of selling your business or company, confidentially and discreetly;
  • formulate a strategic plan for your company sale or merger;
  • provide a company business valuation;
  • document all key facts and background story;
  • research the most likely, and most qualified, serious acquirers;
  • plan an aggressive marketing strategy that includes a Confidential Intermediary Memorandum Book, internet listings & promotion to our propriety network;
  • provide all required information to and screen potential acquirers interested in buying your business;
  • help identify the most promising offers;
  • negotiate all terms of the acquisition to complete an Offer to Purchase or Letter of Intent;
  • manage the entire process so you can continue to focus on your business;
  • work with your professional advisors at the appropriate times during the process.

Marketing the Sale of Your Company

In addition to marketing your company through common channels and trade associations, The Nery Corporation has its own vast network of acquirers, including corporate strategic buyers, private equity groups, family group investors, and high net worth individuals whom we contact on your behalf. Once a buyer of your business or company is identified, our business intermediaries direct the entire process and work with your professional team (accountant, attorney, banker / lender, etc.) to successfully achieve your goals.

Representing the Sale of Your Company as Your Business Intermediary

The Nery Corporation is committed to working with business owners with integrity to achieve a smooth selling or merging process that results in a faster sale at a higher valuation. We are proud of the compliments we have received from so many business owners and invite you to read their comments and to join their ranks. If you are considering selling or merging your business, please contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation or fill out the form on this page.

Seller Representation Seller Representation

We help business owners achieve a smooth selling/merging process that results in a faster sale at a higher valuation.

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